Pro tip: Get a vegan cookbook or two

So you read this title and thought: “This doesn’t apply to me! I’m not vegan!”

But hear me out.

A few years ago, I went to see a fabulous nutritionist to get me started on eating better. I gave her a food diary of what I thought was a perfect week of eating. Only to hear the results (and oh the shame!) of seeing that I wasn’t eating anywhere near enough veggies.

But how do you turnaround 2 decades of eating to all the sudden double/triple my veggie intake?!

I looked back on this time, and see that there were a few cookbooks that I used a lot (and continue to use today) that helped me up my veggie intake over the years.

These books are:

I find that vegan cookbooks helped me expand my use of veggies. As a non-vegan, for dishes that made sense to do so, I just added some meat! Easy peasy.

One word of caution, some vegan/vegetarian cookbooks can have recipes that are very carb-heavy (think rice, pasta, a variety of flours for baking, sourdough breads, beans/legumes, potatoes etc…). Not saying there is one food that’s better than the other, just saying beware if you think “hey, its vegan, it must be healthy!”. Because sometimes it’s really not. More on this in a later post.

Explore with some new cookbooks and adapt some recipes to fit your life!


Author: Jackie

Jackie is a certified holistic nutritionist (with the Alive Academy out of Richmond, B.C.) in her spare time. Full-time she works in an office (like many of you!) and is always looking for ways to make her busy life happy and healthy. She is a mom to 2 lovely daughters, and a wife to a picky-eater husband who always keeps her on her toes when she is creating healthy recipes.

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