Adding collagen in coffee and smoothies

Well hello my people! It has been a while!

It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks as we welcomed our precious baby girl to the world! We are overjoyed and just loving her so much – even through the poo-splosions! (Those of you with newborn babies know what I’m talking about!)

My recovery from birth so far has been better than I expected. I did a lot of research and have been implementing a few new habits to my diet that I think have been helping out!

One new one that I wanted to share, was that I’ve been adding enhanced collagen powder to my smoothies and coffee.

I figured that taking a supplement would help me heal from birth (given all the skin stretching, ligament changes, muscle stretching, hormonal changes etc…).

Pregnancy and birth takes a huge toll on your body, and I want to do everything I can to help support my body’s recovery and overall feeling of wellness. For me, even if things “don’t work” I have the feeling that I am doing what I can, which helps me through the day.

What is collagen? It’s the protein that holds us together, found in skin and other connective tissues.

A collagen supplement:

  • supports healthy skin, hair and nails
  • helps with joint pain
  • helps keep bones strong
  • helps keep muscles strong (ladies, this may help get your uterus back to pre-pregnancy size, and remember, your baby passes through the big muscle that is your va-jay-jay, which can use some help in recovery afterwards!)
  • improves digestion
  • improves sleep quality
  • is anti-inflammatory for the body
  • helps with hormone balance
  • adds protein to what you’re adding it to (8 g per tablespoon!)

After reading about all these benefits, I started taking collagen in my smoothies and coffee (don’t worry I’m only having one per day, just like I did when I was pregnant) right after baby girl was born.

It’s completely flavourless and doesn’t change the texture of anything. I didn’t even notice it at all!

What I have noticed, on the outside, is my nails! I have never had nice strong nails. They always cracked, and I never got manicures because my nails were so crappy. Today I see that my nails are growing, and they are strong, which is a first for me. This is but one external sign, it makes me wonder what it’s doing on the inside!

If you’re curious, here is the specific bag of collagen that I bought to try.

I’ll continue taking this and keep you guys posted! So far I’m pretty impressed and will continue to do what I can to support myself especially in the first 6 weeks postpartum.

Also for the men, the benefits are for you too! I mean, more protein is a good thing! I just happen to be focusing more on the women’s side of things these days, given my headspace of what I’ve just gone through!

NOTE: Anytime you add in a supplement to your diet, be sure to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider, especially when pregnant or breastfeeding. We are all different, so make sure you are doing what’s right for your body!




Author: Jackie

Jackie is a certified holistic nutritionist (with the Alive Academy out of Richmond, B.C.) in her spare time. Full-time she works in an office (like many of you!) and is always looking for ways to make her busy life happy and healthy. She is a mom to 2 lovely daughters, and a wife to a picky-eater husband who always keeps her on her toes when she is creating healthy recipes.

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