Mom post: The most practical mom gear (in my books)

My baby girl is just over 6 weeks old. I won’t get into detail on how I’m feeling, but let’s just say this song captures it best. I sing it to her everyday. The “newborn baby fog” is slowly starting to lift.

So with that, I wanted to share some items and things that have helped me in the last month (since my first post on what helped me through the first 2 weeks was so popular!)

  1. Smoothie packs!

One day, I decided that I wanted to prep some smoothies. So I tossed the ingredients (minus the liquid) into a ziploc bag and tossed it in the freezer. I didn’t know it at the time, but this has served me so well for the days that we don’t sleep well, or that I just don’t feel like making myself breakfast or a snack.

Here’s the recipe that I put together – but get creative!

  • 1/2 cup berries,
  • 1/2 banana,
  • 1/2 cup coconut chunks,
  • 1 cup spinach and
  • 1 tbsp hemp hearts.

When ready to eat, I toss all in a blender and add some water, protein powder, almond or cashew milk and ice.

2. Baby slings / carriers and wraps

I didn’t think I’d be the type to wear my baby, but at the times where she is tired and doesn’t want to sleep in her crib / bassinet, I toss her in the baby carrier and she is so happy sleeping away while I get housework done. And it saves my arms!

These are the ones I just love:

Pro tip: these can get expensive! Reach out to other moms who may be done with their carriers. I got my Moby wrap from a mom in the neighbourhood who didn’t need hers anymore!

3. My “mom outfit”

So my “mom outfit” is very similar (if not the same) as my workout outfit. Why? Well, I’ve come to see that dry fit gear / athletic gear is very spot washable. Which is key for me as my baby is entering a bit of a barfy phase. I know. Too much information. But it’s me being real about it. When she has a spit up, I don’t have to change my entire outfit but can spot wash if it’s not too bad and it dries very quickly.

I’m so happy to wear workout gear anyways! These days they are so cute that I head to the store in it too. Also, if baby sleeps in the afternoon I can squeeze in some stretching or quick exercises. It’s also comfy to boot!

Note if anyone is looking to buy me a mother’s day gift (ahem, hubby!): Please buy me more workout gear. Size medium! H and M as some cute stuff at a good price!

Note in the photo that I have a burp cloth hanging from my pocket. This has saved my outfits / furniture / floors from many baby spills. Burp cloths RULE.

4. My stroller

We stroll everyday. We go a bit farther each week too! A 6 week old baby is so cute, but they aren’t playful just yet. So we go and explore. I can see her studying the outdoors and absorbing her surroundings. Walking around getting fresh air is amazing for the both of us.

I have this stroller (Graco click connect 35) and I love it! It’s perfect for my needs (although some say the stroller is a bit heavy). But I also don’t lug this to the grocery store either. I primarily use it to walk around the neighbourhood.

5. Making the most out of one nap time per day

Being a mom is amazing  (and challenging, let’s be real right?). But I’m also a person too! With hopes, dreams and hobbies. But how do I fit in an activity between diapers, feedings and all the other mom stuff I do? Well, it’s scaled back quite a bit, but I try to fit it in. I rest a lot during the day but I try to use one nap time (whether is 2 hours or 10 minutes) to do something that gets me closer to my goals or makes me feel good. Case in point, I am keeping up this blog – taking just 20 minutes as she sleeps in her carrier to write this. I love writing to you guys and maybe one day, who knows maybe I’ll publish a book or something (this is one of my crazy dreams, but you never know!). Make the most out of just one nap time a day, and for the rest of them, rest or sleep too!

These are all the things that have kept me going in the past month! I learn so much more everyday – and will share more if I learn something practical 🙂

Author: Jackie

Jackie is a certified holistic nutritionist (with the Alive Academy out of Richmond, B.C.) in her spare time. Full-time she works in an office (like many of you!) and is always looking for ways to make her busy life happy and healthy. She is a mom to 2 lovely daughters, and a wife to a picky-eater husband who always keeps her on her toes when she is creating healthy recipes.

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