A post about baby food and a baby food cookbook review

I’ve had a few people ask me to write a post about baby food. My first thought was “no way, there is no way I’m going to put that out there”. Why did I think this? Well, mainly because I’ve been shocked at the negativity that I’ve run into since becoming a mom 7 months ago. Apparently, everything a mom does can be “wrong” in someone’s books. The forceful attitudes and comments really took me aback. So I shut down. I vowed never to speak about what I do for my baby. But then I had more and more people genuinely ask for my opinion food-wise and I have come to the conclusion that sharing some info for those who want to take it (with a grain of salt of course) is better than just shutting down in fear of the negative comments I’ll most likely get.

So if you have one of those negative comments, here’s me saying: “I don’t care. You do you, and I’ll do me. Peace.”

Ok so on with it! I’ll do this post in a Q and A format from the questions I’ve received.

1. What did you first feed your baby?

I started out my sweet baby girl on brown rice cereal.

2. Why did you feed your baby that?

Mainly because I panicked. After the research I’ve done, my full intention was to start out with meats and fats (like avocado and chicken). However, with my emotions on high, and not knowing anyone who started their babies on those foods, I panicked and revered to rice cereal. What did I learn from that experience? That rice cereal really backs my baby up, and that I should have stayed the course with what I thought was right! Note that I don’t think there is anything wrong with cereal, it’s just about finding the one that works best for your baby! I found that buckwheat or oat cereal agrees much better with my daughter. So far I’ve liked the Love Child brand of baby cereals.

3. What do you feed your baby now?

Turns out my baby is a pretty adventurous eater (for now). Staples I have on hand are: sweet potato, chicken thighs, ground turkey, green beans, avocado, peas, carrots, pears and apples. Now that she’s turning the corner on 8 months, she’s eating more of what I’m eating, mashed up. I’m doing a mix of baby-led weaning (meaning the baby eats what she can put in her own mouth) and feeding her purées. It’s been working well for us, and we have some fun at lunch with seeing how messy it can all get.

I’ve also learned that bananas really constipate my baby, and she really doesn’t love the taste. So I’ll re-intro that food down the line and keep it out for now. Also, prunes work if there is a back up situation, as well as pears!

4. Any new recipes to share?

For some new recipe ideas, I have to say I’ve been loving the Baby and Toddler Cookbook. The baby guacamole was a big hit, as well as the pumpkin risotto. I’ve never made risotto before and it was delish! I did eat some myself 🙂

As a preview, the recipe for the guac is: avocado, peeled and seeded cucumber and a pinch of cumin. Blend and enjoy! This one is a great no-cook recipe that is super quick!

What I like about this cookbook is that it tells you a) why a food is good with some great nutritional info and b) it tells you what to add if the adults will be enjoying the meal as well! Talk about a timesaver, and a good way to get some new foods into your diet as well!

When it comes to feeding your baby, use your intuition moms and dads! You really know more than you think.

Much love and happy eating!

Author: Jackie

Jackie is a certified holistic nutritionist (with the Alive Academy out of Richmond, B.C.) in her spare time. Full-time she works in an office (like many of you!) and is always looking for ways to make her busy life happy and healthy. She is a mom to 2 lovely daughters, and a wife to a picky-eater husband who always keeps her on her toes when she is creating healthy recipes.

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