About Healthy Stuff Jackie Does

Almost 10 years ago, I started my career with the Canadian Federal Government. It was my first office job, and with it, I adopted the office lifestyle. I drove to work, sat in an office, worked my little heart out, drove home and crashed with a glass (or 3) of wine most nights watching Netflix.

I stopped walking around so much (those university days had me running around quite a bit) and I didn’t really think about how I was treating myself from day to day. I was very goal based too. I got the job, then got the car, then bought a house at the age of 26, etc… I was powering through my “checklist of life”. And then I got injured.

My injury (2 herniated disks in my back) was the result of being a “weekend warrior”. I’d be pretty much sedentary all week, then on the weekend I’d run half marathons, workout, and pretty much do everything I could to try to beat my body into an ideal of what I thought I should be. I also thought I was eating well, but in hindsight I wasn’t getting anywhere NEAR enough whole good food in my diet. I didn’t really like myself despite all of the things I had accomplished.

It all came crashing down one day when I couldn’t get up. I was 27 and couldn’t get up to go to work. I was in so much pain. My body gave out on me. I had to ask for help (which for me was like death). I broke under the weight of my own life. Designed by me. Oops. Time to shine the light on things…

During a long recovery process (over a span of 2 years) where I learned to take care of myself physically, emotionally, spiritually and nutritionally, I rediscovered myself. I began to enjoy life, and I started to like who I was becoming. I started to be that healthy person who drank kale shakes and woke up early in the mornings to stretch and workout. I learned how to cook healthy meals, and just generally started to get excited to wake up in the morning.

Changing my life and getting healthy was like turning a battleship around. It took time and patience to change the course my life was on. Overall, it was the small incremental changes that I made over a few years that really showed the results. Once I started to get healthy, my life seemed to fall into place naturally. I started to enjoy my job, I met my now husband, and now I’m a mom to 2 beautiful girls.

The thing with health and life is, you always have to keep working on it. You can’t stop. There is no finish line. I now actually really get what they mean when they say “health is a lifestyle”.

I have such an appetite to continue to grow, learn, improve and enjoy. I love taking courses (so much so I that I became a Certified Holistic Nutritionist) and I find a lot of value in examining emotions and relationships by reading about the enneagram, meditating (still working on that part) and just generally learning how to feel my way through life.

Sharing my story and what I learn makes me feel amazing. I don’t give any unsolicited advice ever (because let’s face it, nobody loves that). I just share what I’m doing in hopes to inspire someone to look at how they can make their life happier. Everyone has their own “original recipe” for life, the key is to find the ingredients for your “recipe” through trying things out!

So that’s me, in a nutshell. A full time government worker who has a passion for health and to be happy.